Results get reset to '0' in LMS when using multiple Result Slides with multiple question banks

Dec 03, 2014


Am using SL2 and working on a prototype. My project has multiple topics (used different scenes for each topic) and has a assessment at the end (created multiple question banks accordingly).


For example, I have 4 topics and a final assessment. The user needs to complete all the four topics and then only allowed to take the final assessment. All the functionality was done properly and published to LMS (SCORM 1.2).


When I take the course without exiting then the scores are displayed properly. But if suppose I completed one topic with that topics assessment (and passed). Moved to next topic and exited the course and revisited, the bookmark takes me to the slide I left, but the result for Topic 1 gets reset to 1.


Can you please let me know why this is happening?


Thanks in Advance :)

Srinivas K

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