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Dave Hackney

Hi Christine

I have tryed this article but canot get it to work correctly yet.  Also it needs a results page for each question.

My main task is to have 3 quizes in a story, with only one results page at the end of the story.  As well as the normal results page I would want a result for each individual question on the same sheet.  the delegate could then link to the questions they got wrong.

Many thanks 


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Dave,

So, if I'm understanding correctly, you want to have a total of 4 results slides, correct? 

If you tried the suggestions provided in the article, can you tell me if there's a specific point or task that you're having trouble with? 

Since the method in the article only pulls in the variables for the other quizzes, it shouldn't take away the ability to apply a results slide to the 3 quizzes in the course, you could simply add it at the very end. 

Are you having trouble adding the additional results slide, or?