Separate Timer for each quiz

Jul 10, 2018

Hi All

I have multiple quizzes in a  scene, where a user can do a quiz or all 5 quizzes. At the end of each quiz they should get a results page printed. I am giving a time limit of 2 minutes for each quiz.

My problem is that at the end of a quiz, the timer keeps counting down. If the student decides to take a break, the timer says your time is up

1. Is there a way to reset the timer at the start or end of a slide, using a trigger

2. Is there more than one template for the print results

3. How do I have more than 1 printed results page

4. Where do i access the print results page, so that I can edit it




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Alyssa Gomez

Hey G S! You've asked some great questions, and I'm happy to provide answers for you. 😁

  1. Are you using Storyline 360? If so, we're investigating trouble with the quiz timer in Storyline 360. The timer should stop once you hit the results slide, but it incorrectly keeps counting even after you have left the quiz. As soon as I hear more information on this issue, I'll pass it along to you.
  2. There is one template for the Print Results page.  
  3. You can add a Print button to each individual results slide. That way learners can print the results of each quiz separately. 
  4. That's a tricky one, and modifying the report.html file is not something my team supports. I did find this thread that may get you started in the right direction, until some of our Java-savvy community members step in to help. Good luck! 

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