Results reported to LMS in one Storyline course, but not another


I'm having trouble with a course not reporting the scorm results (percentage, questions or answers).  I have only one results slide and the questions are all ticked.  What;s weird is that I have created another course in Storyline and published it to the same LMS and it works perfectly.

I wondered if it was because I set it to Number of Slides complete, rather than percentage, so I changed that but still the same problem.  Any ideas?  

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Jacinta Penn

I think I have fixed the problem: for some reason setting it to track by score rather than slides complete hadn't stuck.  I tried again and it words. But the trouble is, I want to measure course completion by slides viewed, but still see the answers to the questions.  This is not a quiz they have to pass, but we still want to see what questions they are having trouble with, and what their answers to the survey was.

Anyone got an idea how I can do both?