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May 29, 2020

Hello heros, having some trouble with final slide

NEED: learners to retake incorrect question only and have results sent to LMS

1. If a learner has not passed a quiz how do you ensure only incorrect question appear. I have used: Reset Results when user clicks RETRY QUIZ button and ticked reset only incorrect questions. BUT IT IS DOING ALL QUESTIONS AGAIN. What trigger do you need to create to go to incorrect answers only. 

2. Success Slide - I have a trigger Complete Course as COMPLETED/PASSED when user clicks EXIT Quiz button. But ONE: the quiz is not closing and TWO its not sending a completion result to the LMS  - can anyone help please

Thanks Jen 

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Wendy Farmer
jennifer delany

What trigger do you need to create to go to incorrect answers only. 

Hi Jen

I've just tested the project.  The only thing I added was a trigger on the retry quiz button to jump to the first quiz question and in preview it's working as expected.

I tried the quiz and got the first 10 questions correct and q11 - q20 incorrect.  When I clicked Retry quiz it started from q11 and showed me all questions from 11 - 20 that I had got incorrect round 1.  I then answered all questions correctly in that second round except for 11, 14 and 18.  In third round it showed me 11, 14 and 18.  So the logic is working as expected you just didn't have the jump to quiz1 slide trigger set. (you will see a flash as it goes to this quiz slide and then jumps to the first incorrectly answered one and I don't think there is a solution for that - but I may be wrong).

Re question 2 - sending results to LMS - which LMS are you using? Have you tested in Scormcloud - if it returns the correct results there it may be a setting in your LMS that needs tweaking.

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