Retry only incorrect questions not working

I'm trying to edit a results slide so that a user can only resit the questions that they have got wrong. 

I've followed the instructions on the link below to reset the quiz using the reset button and it automatically jumps to sit all the questions not just the failed ones. This despite clicking the reset only incorrect questions tickbox in the trigger.

Also, when adding the reset button it automatically sets up a trigger to jump to the 1st quiz question?

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Bex Hepworth-Sims


I am using the retry question button to show only incorrect questions, however I don't understand how you direct the use to the first wrong answer of the quiz.

At the moment the retry button takes the user to the first quiz question (even if they got it correct) and then after this it does as I would expect and only goes to the remaining wrong answers.

Any advice or help would be gladly received.