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Jan 23, 2014


I brought over a Quizmaker '09 quiz into Storyline. All works fine, however, on the results slide I have a success layer and failure layer. I want to hide the systems navigation controls, specifically the Next button, only when the user has failed. Is it disabled but I can't get it to disappear. Is this even possible on a layer when using the systems navigation buttons and not your own?

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Julie Jordan

Ken Brown said:


To hide the "Next" button please try the following tutorial link. You Prev and Next  controls are set within the storyview and not the player.

I hope this helps.

Hi Ken,

I don't want it at the Slide level. I need the next button to show when they pass so they can get to the next slide and exit out. It is when the failure layer appears that I need the next button to not show. I know how to do this if I created my own navigation buttons, but I imported this from Quizmaker and am using the player navigation. So either I am missing something is this tutorial, or it can't be done on an individual layer. There is nothing in the layer properties that lets me do this and I can't hide it on the slide level or it won't be there when I need it.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Julie,

You're correct that the system Prev/Next buttons can't be controlled at the layer level, nor can these buttons be hidden. However, you can set things up so that Learners cannot move forward if they fail they quiz. There are a number of ways to design this. In the attached VERY vanilla story I have:

--Inserted a "sorry, you can't move on..." message in a text box on the Results Slide.

--Set this text box's initial state to hidden

--Modified the "Jump to the next slide" trigger by adding a condition: that the Results.ScorePercent must be greater than or equal to Results.PassPercent.

--Inserted a trigger to change the state of the message text box to normal when the Learner clicks the Next button if Results.ScorePercent is less than Results.PassPercent

Please shout out with any questions.

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