Results Slide confusion - can someone clarify this for me?

Nov 09, 2012

Hello, I'm confused about the usability of the Results Slides and I'm wondering if someone can clarify this for me.  Do you need to have an LMS set up in order for the course creator to see the results of a quiz or interaction by a user taking the course?  I understand that you can add a results slide for any graded or non-graded interaction in Storyline but then what?  What purpose does that serve to the user, especially if it is a survey, if the creator can't access the results?  Wouldn't the whole point of someone completing a survey in a course be that the creator would be collecting the resulting data?  Maybe that's not possible without an LMS?

The reason that I'm so confused about this is that I am trying to build an interaction that does not currently exist in Storyline and I've figured out something that should work, except that I need to use the "Ranking Drag & Drop" function and it does not allow me to treat any of the options as individual items (the whole Drag & Drop module seems to count as only one element).  To try and get around that, I'd like to pull the user's choices from the Results Slide but I can't find any way of actually seeing those results, other than with the "Review Quiz" button that Storyline creates on the Results Slide, which simply shows you the original quiz screen again (meaning I still can't access the "ranking order" that the user chose for their answers).  Additionally, how does it pull the "ResultsScorePoints" when there are no point values attributed in the "Survey" slides, yet these are all built-in functions that Storyline creates on its own?  Storyline allows you to choose which slides to include in a Results slide, yet if you are choosing multiple ones that are ungraded, how does it give any results for that if there are no "points" accumulated, unless it can show the actual choices that the user made?

I hope you can understand where my confusion lies and can help me to understand what's going on here.

Thank you very much, in advance!

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Mel.

In order to track results you could use Articulate Online or a SCORM or AICC compliant learning management system. Articulate Online does allow you to view survey results. A traditional LMS may or may not show you the detailed survey feedback. It entirely depends on their reporting options.

A survey result slide would not display scoring. If you were using a mix of graded and survey questions and used the graded result slide, that would only display the results for graded questions since survey questions are not assigned a point value.

For the second part of your question, I am not fully understanding what you are trying to do. If you used Articulate Online, you would see their answers in a Ranking Drag and Drop question in an answer report.

Mike Enders

Hi Mel,

My thoughts...

What purpose does that serve to the user, especially if it is a survey, if the creator can't access the results?

The primary purpose is to allow the learner to know how they did on a test, interaction, etc.  It provides the learner a measure of their performance and whether or not they comprehend the material, can successfully complete a task, etc.  Think of it as a knowledge check during a course...does the learner understand the material?

Wouldn't the whole point of someone completing a survey in a course be that the creator would be collecting the resulting data? 

Typically, yes.  Although, I could also see a survey format being employed as a personality inventory, etc.  Think multiple likert scale questions that result in customized feedback for the learner to provide them with their strengths, personality leanings, etc.  Not always something that's reported to an LMS or to the creator.  Rather, self-enhancement information for the learner.

As for your project...

Are you looking to have it reported to the LMS?   Also, if you could share more on what the interaction is and what you hope to measure, we could provide some help!


Mel Ruth

Hey, I appreciate the response from both of you!  

I'm beginning to think that I can't do what I'm trying to do with the current functionality of Storyline, even through a workaround.  I'm going to attach an example of what I am trying to create - it basically IS a personality test and the results do not need to be reported to the creator but I was hoping to use the results from the Results Slide in conjunction with triggers, to affect variables in order to provide ranked results at the end of multiple question slides.  Tim Hillier provided a great solution for just having one answer count per question in this thread that I started ( but it turns out that I do have to track the ranking of all the answers, if at all possible, so that the user can see their tendencies towards each of 5 different "personality types" in order of highest to lowest.  There is a lot of text on the screen, so I was really wanting to have the 5 options move each other around as you move each one into a different place in the ranking.  Creating this as a Freeform Drag & Drop means that I can have each of the answers be their own element (and therefore, I can use them to affect triggers and variables) but I can't get them to move each other out of the way when they are reordered and I don't have room for them to have different "start" and "drop" locations because of the amount of text.

I'm thinking of making the numbers into the moveable part instead, as they are small enough that I could put them in a "start" location and then allow the user to drag them to number the options in order, although it is not ideal.

If you guys have any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.



PS -  Just to clarify, any time that the creator DOES want to collect the results of any quizzing in Storyline, whether it's graded or not, the course has to be set up with an LMS, is that correct?  Without an LMS, all quizzes of any sort would function only as personal feedback for the user?  I suppose if someone wanted to collect the results of a survey without an LMS, they could always add a web link to an online survey, too.

PPS - I've added explanations of each slide in the Notes section for each one - please see there for additional questions and considerations.

PPPS - THANK YOU for your help!  :-)

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