Results Slide Formatting

I want to set-up my slide layers for the Results slide in the following way:

When Failing, the only options are "Retry Quiz" or "Review Course" which are buttons I've created and programmed. I want to disable the Next button for that layer.

When Passing, the only option is the standard Articulate "Next" button.  I want to NOT have the "Retry Quiz" or "Review Course" buttons visible.

Is this possible? If so, what's the best way to program that?



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Monique Donahue

Hi Greg. You can definitely put your Retry Quiz and Review Course buttons on the Failing layer instead of the base layer, so they only appear when the user fails the quiz.

For controlling the Next button behavior:

  1. Set a T/F variable whose initial default value is False.
  2. On your Passing layer, add a timeline trigger to change the variable value to True.
  3. On your Next trigger, add a condition that checks the value of this variable so that the Next button only works when the variable is True (which will only happen when they see the Passing layer).

I hope this helps!

Greg Rider

Hi Monique --

Thanks for the information and assistance.  As I haven't yet created/used variables, I have a follow-up question for you:

For Step 2, could you provide exact sub-steps for creating the timeline trigger?  I don't fully understand that.  And could you provide sub-steps for #3 as well?

Thanks, again.


Monique Donahue

Hi Greg,

Sure! Here you go.

Step 2: Make sure the Passing layer is visible and create a new trigger on that layer with the following settings:

Action: Adjust variable

Variable: [your variable name]

Operator: = Assignment

Value: "Value" in the first drop down box and "True" in the second drop-down box

When: Timeline starts

Object: [name of the Passing layer]

Step 3:

Open the Next button trigger than controls moving on to the next slide.

Click the "Show Conditions" link under the trigger options.

Click the green + icon near the bottom of the pop-up window to add a condition.

Set the following:

If: [your variable name]

Operator:  == equal to

Type: Value

Value: True

You now have a condition so the next button only works when the user has passed the quiz.