Retrying Quiz from Menu Versus 'Retry Quiz' Button

I have a client that has a request that end users have the ability to retry the quiz by either selecting the 'Retry Quiz' button on the results slide or by accessing it through the Menu.

Quiz questions for this course are pulled randomly from a quiz bank. 

All quiz question slides are to reset to initial state upon revisiting. 

The 'Retry Quiz' button works perfectly; however, when I get to the results slide and try to navigate back to the quiz via the Menu, the quiz slides have PREV/NEXT buttons and the choices are disabled. 


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Mike Taylor

Hi Tiffany! 

There is a trigger attached to the Retry Quiz button on the results slide that resets the quiz.  When you navigate via the menu that trigger isn't being run and therefore not resetting the quiz appropriately. 

One way you could replicate the reset button via the menu is to create a new slide in a separate scene with 2 triggers: 1 to reset the quiz results and a 2nd to automatically jump to the quiz when the slide loads. Then customize the menu and replace the actual start of the quiz with this new "reset" slide. 

I'm attaching a quick & dirty example and I'm sure there are other ways of doing this too.  

Hope that helps!


Tiffany Shogren


Thank you for helping on this one. I built the separate scene and made the change on the menu to replace the quiz with the new reset slide. Unfortunately, the client wants this to be their course to have restricted navigation. Because of this, I can't click on the reset slide because it has yet to be 'covered' in the content.