Results slide not showing for Quiz (urgent request

Sep 17, 2015

Hi everyone

It's the first time I'm using the question bank feature to create a quiz and I'm under the gun to deliver in a couple of hours!

I have 9 questions in my bank and have set my quiz to randomly select 5 questions.

When I test the course it doesn't seem to move beyond the questions to the results slide. Do I need to add in a variable to count the number of questions and then show the results slide? I've reviewed all of the information on question banks and can't seem to find anything that fits my issue so perhaps I'm not using the correct search terms.

My results quiz/results page is set (using variables and triggers) to 80% pass with 2 retakes of the quiz before forcing a retake of the module but every time I test and even in a published SCORM test it isn't showing the results page. 

Can anyone offer up any troubleshooting? I've spent several hours on this so your assistance is very much appreciated.

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