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Oct 31, 2016

Hello heroes,

I have a six-scene project. There are 2 quiz questions in Scene 1, 2 questions in Scene 2, one question in Scene 3 and one question in Scene 4 (six questions total). 

There is a variable that is triggered in Scene 1. The learners continue through Scene 2, but then go to either Scene 3 or Scene 4 based on the value of the variable. So the learner will answer 5 of the 6 questions. They must get 4 out of 5 correct (80%) to get credit for completing the course. 

If I have one result slide, how do I get the result slide to not count the quiz question that the learner did not see based on the branching? Or do I need more than one result slide? Or should this not be a concerned (haven't tested yet but have  a feeling that if I have six questions pointing at the result slide, it will be an issue). 

Hope this is clear enough...Thanks!

 P.S. Just thought of a potential workaround...I can tell the learner that they need to get 80% (4 out of 5) but tell Storyline that the learner needs to get 66% (4 out of 6). 

P.P.S. Problem with the workaround is that if the scores are visible, they'll see the discrepancy in percentages...


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Edward Crane

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for the suggestion. I did not glean anything from that discussion that I felt I could use to solve my problem.

I was pretty impressed with myself when I thought I came up with a pretty simple solution -- two Results slides: the learner will be taken to one or other depending on which way they branch. Works great; unfortunately, when I get to the tracking options, you can only input one Results slide for reporting. So I'm pretty much back to square one. 

Crystal Horn

Hi there Edward!  I think you're on the right path with drawing a line between what your learner actually needs to pass (4/6) and what you're telling them they need (4/5).  If you want to show them their score, instead of using the built-in variable references on your Results slide, you can make your own.  You have a low and finite number of possible scores, so maybe creating your own "UserScore" variable that can be referenced (and adjusted based on the actual Results.ScorePoints variable) will be the way to let them see their expected results.

Only one results slide will be tracked and read by your LMS, so this sort of creative thinking is just the right approach!

Edward Crane

Thanks, Crystal. I actually did end up using that approach. The Results slide has a text box next to the Passing Score text box that says "4 out of 5 (80%)". For the learner's score, I created a Number variable that adds an increment of one for ever correct answer, and that number is displayed on the Results slide as well. 

Edward Crane

Hello - I have a follow up to this.

So when I retry the quiz, the Number variable retains it's if the person fails because they got only 3 out of 5 correct, and then retake the quiz and answer questions correctly, it adds those to the original score of 3, so a learner could end up getting a score of 7, when the highest score they can actually achieve is a 5.

Any suggestions?

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