Resume and Previous Slide Triggers

Jun 13, 2018

Found this little bug in articulate 360 3.16.15842.


  • Standard Articulate player (Published as Scorm 2004, reduces possibility of incomplete resume data)
  • Launch E-Learn from our LMS Platform
  • Closing a Elearn in the middle of the elearn in which the player previous button trigger  is set to previous slide.
  • Reopen Elearn and resume where we left off
  • The previous button in the player on the slide in which we successfully resume will not perform the previous slide action.
  • Moving forward with player next button works
  • Player's Previous slide button works on subsequent slides but when returning to the resumed slide the Players previous button will still not perform the previous slide function.

Suspect the Previous Slide status of the current slide is not being stored in the resume content so when the content is resumed the value is not stored for the resumed slide to be able to goto the previous slide!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Daniel,

It sounds like the Previous button isn't working when you resume a course in your LMS. Let's see if we can nail down why that's happening!

I created a sample file in Storyline 360, published for LMS with SCORM 2004, and hosted it on SCORM Cloud. Could you test this link and let me know if the previous button works when you resume the course?

I'll be standing by!

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