'Resume course' functionality for multiple users on a single PC

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knew a way to allow unique user course resumes when on the same PC?

We have a situation where users are logging into the website and finishing the course on a certain PC and then logging out of the website.  Then the next person is logging into the website and starting the course and it's prompting to resume (saving what the last person did).

This is not on an LMS system, it's using the flash cookies.

Many thanks,


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Dan,

It sounds like it's a browser caching issue, if it's resuming for the user that attempted the course previously.

There's a couple of options, but it really depends on what you need in order to have the course run properly.

The first option would be to disable the resume option entirely. If the course isn't very long, it may not be an issue. However, if the course is lengthy and takes a while for users to complete this may not be a good choice.

Are you using an LMS at all? It doesn't sound like that's the case. However, if you are, it may be best to use the LMS resume data, rather than Flash - that's what's storing it in the browser. 

Which web browser are you using and do you have access to the machine? You could instruct the users to close out of the web browser when they've finished and set the browser to clear cache when it's closed. Then have the next user launch a new instance of the browser to start the course.

Just a couple suggestions - hopefully this will help!

Thanks and good luck Dan!