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Nov 26, 2015


i have such problem: i want make possibility to change number of page where user stop his work on course.  But doing of that is not easy because articulate course save resume data into activity/state in LRS(by Tincan API) and it save some generated code. Now question: are there any posibility to generate that code for other page using PHP, or maybe something other?

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Simon Smith

Hi Vasyl,


If I understand correctly you want to redirect a user when he resumes to a different page? I dealt with a very similar issue and it can be achieved by using javascript to grab info from the LMS about the completion and entry/exit mode of the course.


When the user resumes the slide you add a javascript timeline trigger on timeline start (you might need to do this on all slides!) that diverts the user to a slide of your choice.

Have a look at my previous post on the issue, the important information for you is near the bottom of the page.

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