Resume function in Storyline 1 not working in client LMS after learner takes quiz

Sep 16, 2015


I recently created a course for a client that is tracking by a results slide. The course is set up to "unlock" screens as they progress through the course; once they complete the course by passing the quiz, the idea is that they can go back and jump around as they please.  However, this functionality is somewhat contingent upon the "resume" function working. It works perfectly in SCORM cloud (screens unlock as you progress; you can click resume any time you exit and retain the unlocked functionality). However, when the course is loaded in the client LMS, the resume functionality doesn't work once the learner completes the quiz. The resume option is no longer offered, so the course basically resets and dumps all the stored variables controlling what they've viewed. I found the following support article and applied the solution, but it doesn't work:

Is there any one out there who knows if this is related to the publish settings I'm using?

Here's what I've done:

  • Tracking by results slide
  • Reporting: Passed/Incomplete (should I change to Passed/Failed? Not sure what the difference is??)
  • On the player: Resume on restart is checked; Ignore flash cookie in LMS is checked

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated!  

Kind regards,

Michelle Eiteljorge


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Michelle Eiteljorge

Thanks so much for your help.   Here's some more detail about the problem...maybe this will look more familiar to someone out there, or perhaps it will provide more insight into the issue from the LMS side? It's a response I received from the LMS admin:


I have tested the course on scorm cloud, and it works like a charm. However, on our LMS it still will not resume once the user reaches the quiz stage of the course. I've compared the logs from both LMSs, and I can't find a significant difference between the two, as far as the SCORM data supplied to the course is concerned.

 The following settings should cause the course to resume at the end (assuming the user gets to the end):

 cmi.core.lesson_status = passed [student has passed] cmi.core.lesson_mode = review [student is reviewing course, do not record] cmi.core.exit = suspend [course exited, able to resume] cmi.core.entry = resume [offer student option to start at prior exit point] cmi.suspend_data = <data> [data about prior course session]

 This works before the quiz section. Is there anything that I am missing?

 Then later, he provided this information about the data that's being supplied to the course from the LMS:

// The SCORM 1.2 data model

                                var datamodel =  {

                                        'cmi._children':{'defaultvalue':cmi_children, 'mod':'r', 'writeerror':'402'},

                                        'cmi._version':{'defaultvalue':'3.4', 'mod':'r', 'writeerror':'402'},

                                        'cmi.core._children':{'defaultvalue':core_children, 'mod':'r', 'writeerror':'402'},

                                        'cmi.core.student_id':{'defaultvalue':'1688', 'mod':'r', 'writeerror':'403'},

                                        'cmi.core.student_name':{'defaultvalue':'', 'mod':'r', 'writeerror':'403'},

                                        'cmi.core.lesson_location':{'defaultvalue':'', 'format':CMIString256, 'mod':'rw', 'writeerror':'405'},

                                        '':{'defaultvalue':'1', 'mod':'r', 'writeerror':'403'},

                                        'cmi.core.lesson_status':{'defaultvalue':'passed', 'format':CMIStatus, 'mod':'rw', 'writeerror':'405'},

                                        'cmi.core.entry':{'defaultvalue':'resume', 'mod':'r', 'writeerror':'403'},

                                        'cmi.core.score._children':{'defaultvalue':score_children, 'mod':'r', 'writeerror':'402'},

                                        'cmi.core.score.raw':{'defaultvalue':'100.00', 'format':CMIDecimal, 'range':score_range, 'mod':'rw', 'writeerror':'405'},

                                        'cmi.core.score.max':{'defaultvalue':'100', 'format':CMIDecimal, 'range':score_range, 'mod':'rw', 'writeerror':'405'},

                                        'cmi.core.score.min':{'defaultvalue':'0', 'format':CMIDecimal, 'range':score_range, 'mod':'rw', 'writeerror':'405'},

                                        'cmi.core.total_time':{'defaultvalue':'00:09:23.08', 'mod':'r', 'writeerror':'403'},

                                        'cmi.core.lesson_mode':{'defaultvalue':'review', 'mod':'r', 'writeerror':'403'},

                                        'cmi.core.exit':{'defaultvalue':'suspend', 'format':CMIExit, 'mod':'w', 'readerror':'404', 'writeerror':'405'},

                                        'cmi.core.session_time':{'format':CMITimespan, 'mod':'w', 'defaultvalue':'00:00:00', 'readerror':'404', 'writeerror':'405'},

                                        'cmi.suspend_data':{'defaultvalue':'2NVUd0e ... long string here ... 001011', 'format':CMIString4096, 'mod':'rw', 'writeerror':'405'},

                                        'cmi.launch_data':{'defaultvalue':'', 'mod':'r', 'writeerror':'403'},

                                        'cmi.comments':{'defaultvalue':'', 'format':CMIString4096, 'mod':'rw', 'writeerror':'405'}, ...

 Is there anyone out there who can decipher any of this and perhaps help me figure out if this is an issue with the course or the LMS?




Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nick,

I can't think of anything about a particular slide that would break resume - but what's on those slides? Do you mean that it's "broken" only when the user exits on that slide, vs. after or before it? If you think it's slide specific vs. reaching the suspend data limit - could you look at testing those two slides in a smaller version of the course? 


Ryan Tracey

Yes, we're having similar issues with a long course, and it seems to be due to the total number of slides being too large.

I'm wondering if by removing the 2 problematic slides, the total number dips below the threshold.

Another way to test this... leave the two problematic slides in and remove two other slides instead.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ryan,

Is it only the two final slides that caused this issue or two slides in the middle of the course? You may be hitting the resume data limit and that is why it's not picking up where expected - or if you've met the completion requirement as detailed here, you could be returning to a spot earlier in the course. 

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