resume function not working

Aug 28, 2013

I am having trouble with the resume function in a scorm program.  It is saving some progress but not all.

Any thoughts on what to check?  I have tested on my Moodle LMS as well as SCORMCloud with the same results.

I have "always resume" and when running in lms ignore flash cookie checked.



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Phil Mayor

Hi Tim, Is it a large course, scorm 1.2 has a limit of 4096 characters so the larger the course the more information that is being passed.

Saving some progress is normally the diagnostic when it get overloaded.

If you have access to your moodlesite you can hack it to accept more data, I think Dan Marsden emeailed me instructions a while back for this.

Phil Mayor

really depends on the course but if slides are set to resume saved state then all that info is saved, interaction data is saved which includes the answers (so if the answers are long you get less space). The point where you left, the value of variables.

Although storyline compresses the data it is possible to overload the information

Victor de Prada

Thank you very much guys for your contribution to this thread! I was completely lost until I found it. 

I have a very large module and It would't resume from a specific point. As you said, I needed to upgrade the number of characters in our TOTARA LMS running on a 2.7 Moodle version.

We just did it and now it works perfectly right.

And I just wanted to thank you.


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