Resume function not working

Dec 19, 2013

My client is having an issue with the "would you like to resume where you left off" function. She publishes the Storyline file to the web and then uploads it to her LMS. Although Storyline is set to offer the resume option, it keeps returning users to the beginning of the course!!

Any thoughts on how to fix this issue?

Thanks - Melissa

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Phil Mayor

I hope she published it to LMS and then installed it, if she published to web she would be reliant on the flash cookie not the LMS.

There are a number of reasons why this can happen, main reason is that the course is too large and overloads the data limit for resume.  the other cupric is that it has not been selected.  Best test, is to upload to scormcloud and see if it resumes there, if yes it is the LMS, if no it is the package or the way it has been set up.

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