Resume function on Storyline files

Dec 11, 2023

Can someone explain roughly how the resume function in Storyline works? We have seen it worked across browsers in one LMS but not in another. By across browsers, I mean that I can start it in Firefox, go halfway, close it, and then open it in another browser and it gives the resume option. But other LMS do not.

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Eric Santos

Hello Anne!

Good question; I'm happy to help share some insight on how the resume function works in Storyline!

When the learner reopens a course, it asks the LMS where they previously left off. The LMS sends the suspend data back to the course, and the course uses it to resume at the same point and in the same state as before. The suspend data is a compressed chunk of information sent to the LMS as a learner progresses through the course; this describes everything about the current state of the course, including the learner's responses, navigation history, object states, variable values, interaction results, and more.

You can find details on this topic below.

If the resume function works in one LMS but not in the other, this may point to an LMS issue. To confirm this further, you may want to test in another platform, like SCORM Cloud. I'd reach out to the LMS administrator for help on LMS issues.

If you require any further information, please let me know!

Anne Baker

I shortened the file and put it into SCORM cloud (original file is too big!) and the resume always worked, but once I got a debug error log window popping up as well. What does that mean?  (I resumed with 2 different user IDs and 3 times at least with each, and only once did that debug window pop up).  Also noted is that sometimes a debug window pops up in the LMS that is giving me grief, and sometimes not (I have not modified the scormdriver.js file that I read you could modify to get this debug data.) Is there any limit to how many resumes one use should be able to do? Does multiple resumes compound the problem of the character limit possibly being reached for resume data is using SCORM 1.2?

Jose Tansengco

Hello Anne,

Happy to chime in!

If you are seeing a debug error log window appear when your course is launched, there's a chance that this window was created by your LMS if you did not enable the LMS debug mode for your course. Please reach out to the support team of your LMS so they can check why the debug error log window is appearing for your learners.

There is also no limit to how many resumes a learner can do, although you may need to verify this with your LMS support team in case they are tracking this on their end. Lastly, multiple resumes do not cause the suspend data limit to increase. The same suspend_data usage is used regardless of how many times the course is relaunched. 

If you're seeing the debug error log in SCORM Cloud, kindly share a copy of your published output here through a case with our support team so we can check the settings to see what's causing the debug log window to appear.

Anne Baker

For resuming: It usually works. But sometimes you get an error log first. Sometimes it does not resume. And if you open it to resume then don't actually make progress and close it, it deletes all your progress and sends you back to the beginning. In multiple courses in 2 different LMS (D2L/Brightspace and Abilty)


Luciana Piazza

Hi Phil!

Thanks for popping in and being such a great help to Anne! We appreciate you! 🎉

Hi Anne!

I see that you've opened a support case and that you are working with our colleague Mcgem. You're in great hands! 

We'll continue the conversation over in your support case! 

Hope that you both have a wonderful holiday season! ✨