Resume function still problematic

Dec 03, 2012

Resume function in course is still unreliable. Changed in player -unticked box  "When running in LMS ignore flash cookie", but still issues.  LMS using SCORM2 about to update to 2.2. will this help or is it Storyline issue?

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felicity burke

Thanks Phil, 
IT is a large course. Possibly have hit character limit. How do I test in scormcloud? 

Also another question:

 Have added a contact on player that should send an email. Because of  our biz restrictions it is blocking this. Works fine on personal computer and sends email using the Contact Us button from the LMS on my personal laptop. This means that the problem is to do with the Biz Workstation environment. My guess is that the way the Contact Us interaction works within Storyline is that it interacts with the Mail client on the system directly. For security reasons, our biz will most likely have deactivated this kind of functionality for Security reasons.

Is there a way to make the Contact Us button just a “mailto” link?

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