Resume saved state ignored / bug "On timeline start" trigger for disable the Next button

Feb 12, 2019

Have I found a bug or made an oversight in my slide design? Can I get someone to verify this?

My trigger says "Change state of the next button to Disabled when Timeline starts".

To enable, "Change the state of next button to Normal when the user clicks Hotspot1"

I have set the slide properties to "Resume saved state".

But when I Prev back to this slide, even after having completed the hotspot click, the Next button disables anyways.

To enable it, I must click the hotspot (top of the slide, right of the Clean zone text)

My conclusion is that either 1) Storyline 360 does not observe it's own "Resume saved state" since the trigger to disable the Next button is fired when I revisit the slide anyways.

2) I made an oversight in the way I designed this function, so how can I make work as intended? Once users have completed the task, I do not want to disable the Next button any more.

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Melanie Sobie

Another way to get around this issue is to not use the trigger to set the next button to disabled when the timeline begins. If you have something on the slide that changes states when the user clicks on it, you can tie that visited state to the use of the next button. I don’t think hotspots have states. You can instead add a shape over the area on the screen the user needs to click on and give that shape an additional state called visited. Make the shape have no outline and make the fill color 100% transparent. Then set a trigger for the next button that says jump to next slide when user clicks the next button and condition of shape state is not equal to normal. 

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