Resume Saved State Issue

I've created a course with custom Next and Prev buttons on each slide. Per the client's request, the Next button is disabled "when the timeline starts" and turns to normal when the "timeline reaches 2 seconds." Due to the nature of the slide content, it makes sense to set the revisit behavior on these slides to "Resume saved state." When revisiting, everything works as I would expect, except the state on the Next button doesn't resume, it resets to Disabled, thus the learner cannot advance. 

I've attached a couple of slides from the course. The content has been stripped out but the issue is clear.

Any idea why this is happening and how to fix it?



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Will Frost

Hi Nadia,

For a guess, the first trigger, on revisiting the slide, overrides the "reaches 2 second" one.

We use similar functionality in our courses, but always set the "Next" button to initial state:disabled, I've tweaked your file on slide 1 (attached) as an example.



Nadia Zaid

Hi Will,

Thanks SO much for taking a look. 

I see that on the first slide it is working (yay!). It looks like you deleted the "change state to disabled with timeline starts" trigger but the arrow is still disabled when the timeline starts. It looks like this is key, but I can't tell how you did this.