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Aug 08, 2016

In an SL2 course, I created a slide with many photos on it. I built a carousel effect where the user drags the slider to view the different photos.

Similar to this:

I created a layer for each photo to be set front and center.

When the slide starts, I had to use a trigger to show Layer "Picture 1" when timeline starts, otherwise the slide is blank until the user interacts with the slider, which is not ideal.

Now I want the user to be able to leave this slide and go back to it whenever they want and be at the same picture that they left at, but with the trigger "Show layer Picture 1 when timeline starts" it does not allow the slide to resume to saved state.


How can I use conditions on that trigger to allow for the resume saved state?


Thanks a bunch in advance!



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Walt Hamilton

You are already doing this with the slider. If you are changing the picture when the slider variable changes, then when the user leaves this page, use that mechanism to subtract 1 from the slider variable. Then delete the "Show layer Picture 1 when timeline starts", and in its place, add 1 to the slider variable when the timeline starts. That variable change will initiate the triggers you are already using.

Now you can set the slider variable to an initial value of 1 less than whatever picture you want to show when the slide first opens.

Lucas Cecchetto

Thanks Walt! That helped a bunch.

I'm actually having the same problem with video and web objects.

I set my video to resume saved state and tried a few different triggers but the video always starts at the beginning any time the user goes back to that slide.

I also have a 130 page PDF inserted as a web object, I'm wondering if there is any way to have it remember which page it left on rather than starting the first. This one I'm pretty sure I'm pushing my luck on.


Any help would be very much appreciated!!


Thanks in advance,


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