Carousel-style Interaction


Hi everyone,

I was playing around with Storyline 2 the other day as I wanted to make a revolving or carousel style interaction using a slider. Here's what I can up with:

The .story file is available here:




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Katie Evans

Hi @Matthew,

I love this template! I'm wondering though, is there a way I can use this carousel interaction where the learner drags to the appropriate "layer" and branches off from that layer to learn more but when they return, they're back where they started not from the beginning of the slider? Does that make sense?

Or - do you have another suggestion on how to create an interaction like this with branching?

Sahil Mehta

HI Niki Bray and Mathew,

Yes this can be done without any slider or buttons. You can also use that on IPAD by just sliding the carousel by your index finger. I made an slider interaction without buttons last year on storyline 1, when slider was not available as an option. I cannot show you that file due to copyright issues but i can create one for you all.