"Resume Saved State" not really working with quiz slides

Feb 14, 2013

I've tried all sort of ways to do this, but can't get it to work natively without some kind of workaround.  Am building a course with about 20 quiz slides interspersed throughout and need each one to display the "Correct" or "Incorrect" layer when the learner revisits.  

Is there a knack to this?  I'm sure I haven't just started experiencing this after 18 months of use, so maybe I'm failing to do something blindingly obvious.

Cheers all

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Simon Perkins

Thanks Peter - I'll need to get permission from the client first - it's NHS content and they're sensitive about various bits.

In the meantime, are there any specific settings that ensure quiz slides revert to saved state when revisiting?  I've had a play with some dummy content in a blank course and get the same result.


Peter Anderson

Hey Simon, 

Totally understand about sharing the content - no worries. One thing I notice when trying to replicate the issue with the built-in feedback layers, is that if I use the "Continue" button to advance through the course after receiving the feedback, the feedback layer is gone when revisiting. However, if I include the Prev and Next navigation buttons on the player to advance after receiving the feedback, then the feedback later is still there when revisiting. 

Essentially, it seems the feedback layers are cleared by using the "Continue" button on the layer, thus their absence when revisiting. Do you get the same thing? 

Simon Perkins

Yep, I get the same thing; slide reverts to saved state when revisited only if using Next instead of Continue.  It doesn't matter if I include custom buttons either.  So the only way to make it work is to use "Next" which isn't particularly logical.  Is this a design flaw?  I couldn't find any old posts regarding this so maybe other users aren't bothered by it or else their's is working differently.

Peter Anderson

OK, thanks for confirming. Yeah, I'm not sure I'd consider it a design flaw because I can imagine a scenario where a designer might actually want the layer to be gone when reviewing, as not to obstruct the original question. Also, it looks like disabling the Continue button trigger would work around it, even if it does make things more tedious. 

Simon Perkins

Hmm, I'd be inclined to say that the default "Continue" button on Incorrect/Correct layers should not inhibit the slide's "When revisiting" status.  After all, if the designer wanted the slide to revert back to its initial state then he/she could stipulate this in "When revisiting" as normal ... Just my tuppence, but doesn't seem as logical or practical IMO.   

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