Resume saved state - not working with "Exit course"

Aug 17, 2015

I am working on a course that features a slide from which learners first download a reference document, then watch a series of videos in a prescribed order. The ability to access each item is controlled via states - for example, the thumbnail for accessing the first video is in Disabled state until the learner clicks the thumbnail to download the required document.

The story file's overall "resume" setting is always resume on restart. The slide-specific setting is resume saved state when revisiting.

My problem: Let's say I exit the course after having downloaded the document and watching the first video - at which point:

  1. the thumbnail for the document is in Visited state;
  2. the thumbnail for the first video is in Visited state;
  3. the thumbnail for the second video is in Normal state, and
  4. thumbnails for all other videos are in Disabled state.

When I restart the course, it does open to the correct slide, but:

  1. the thumbnail for the document is in Normal state (instead of Visited), and
  2. all video thumbnails are in Disabled state (rather than Visited for a viewed video, Normal for the next video in the sequence, and Disabled for the rest)

If instead of exiting, I navigate back to the previous slide (since I can't go to the next slide until all videos have been accessed), then return to the slide with the thumbnails, the state of each thumbnail is correct.

What gives? Shouldn't "Resume saved state" work whether the learner navigates to the previous or next slide, or exits the course?



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