Resume saved state or Reset to initial state

Aug 19, 2014

Hello Everybody.

I am doing an interactive exercise and I will super appreciate some help here. ;D

That is my dilemma:

I had divided a single question in three steps. The user (on theory) should jump to next or previous slide( part of this question) any time he wants, and the parts that he already answered will save the states.

Ok, you may say this is simple. Just adjust your slide to resume saved state and it will work. Yes, I know, but here is the problem. When revisiting the project at a second time (another day, or hour) your answer will be still there, even if you don't want it to happen and I don't want this to happen.

I thought to use the reset course or exit course or some variable thing. Could someone help me please??

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sara,

If you'd like the course to reset when they exit it - disabling the "resume" prompt would give you this behavior. You could still set the slides themselves to resume saved state, and that way as long as the user doesn't exit the course they'll still be able to see the previous answers.

You could also look at setting up the results slide to have a "reset" course or "retry" quiz button that would provide the user the option to reset all the questions without having to exit the course and start fresh again.

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