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Aug 13, 2013


We are developing several storyline courses for internal training.

I would like to have all the slides set up as "When revisiting: resume saved state" but to let also the learners to replay the slides by clicking on the "replay" button.

Apparently, the "replay button" does work only when the slides have the status "When revisiting: reset to initial state".

Is it normal or am I missing something?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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gregory casseleux

Thank you Leslie for your prompt answer. It is very useful.

It could be good to have this option in next updates as our slides contain a lot of mediatisation and we wanted to resume saved state when revisiting and let the learner replay the whole slide by clicking on the replay button if he wants to.

One solution could be the use of the seekbar but we are afraid that it won't be ergonomic enough on tablets.

Dorte Lynge Hansen

Hi Leslie

We need the same feature - to revisit a page in resumed saved state, but still give the user the possibility to reset the page to see the page again. Is this feature request a new feature in Storyline 2? Or is there a way to use triggers to do this e.g. use variables to resume in timeline end? Or a trigger to reset the page based on a variable?

Thanks in advance!

Jodi Albarano

I am looking for the exact same thing! We do not use the seekbar or any type of built in player. Our slides contain custom navigation. So I have each slide set to hide the next button until the timeline ends (Which is also when the audio completes)  as well as "Reset to initial state".  So when the user goes back, it has to play the slide all over again before the next button appears. What I want to do is to be able to set the slide to "resume saved state" so that the next button automatically appears but also have a button that allows the user to completely replay the slide if they want to.  I'm going to attempt it with variables. Will keep you posted!

Jodi Albarano

Thanks Leslie. I didn't look at dates. I was overwhelmed just trying to find a solution. I finally think I got something to work with the following (Which I posted in response to someone else on  a similar thread)

My navigation is all custom. I do not use the SL player at all. This might be a long way around, but here is what  I did: 

Place my NEXT button on the base layer of each slide and set the default view to hidden. Set the slide properties of the base layer to "Reset to Initial State" Create a DIFFERENT number variable for each slide (I used "Slide1Played", Slide2Played, etc.) and set it = 0. Add the following Slide triggers on each slide: (I'll use Slide 1 for example)

Add 1 to Slide1Played when the timeline ends

Change state of Next button to Normal when timeline ends

Change stage of Next button to Normal when timeline starts if Slide1Played = 1

On the Next button - add this trigger: "Jump to next slide when user clicks"

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