Resume Time line

Mar 03, 2021

I'm looking for a way to resume the time line when a learner return to the slide. 

Let me explain what I'm doing. There are 3 scenes the learner needs to look at. Instead of just putting them in order, I want the learner to click on a button for each. At the end of each scene they are returned to the main slide to choose the next. I want the time line to resume when they return. Any ideas?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Eric,

The Slide Properties allow you to control what happens to the timeline when a user revisits a slide. When set to Resume saved state, the timeline will continue playing from the point at which the user exited. If the timeline had completed, it won't replay.

  • There's also a Reset to initial state setting. That will replay the entire timeline when the user revisits the slide.
  • The Automatically Decide setting lets Storyline do what it thinks is best. That works well for default interactive slides (e.g., question slides). It may or may not work as you want it to for custom interactions.


Walt Hamilton

Just an FYI. You don't need the timeline to run, unless you have animations or interactions that are fired when the timeline reaches a certain point. That seems dangerous to me, because then you have to allow for the possibility that the learner might just sit there, and not visit the other slides before the timeline reaches that point.  If you have to do that, there are ways, but they require a lot of effort, and may not be worth the effort.