Retain/Keep dragged items on dropzone throughout ?

So, I'm creating a 'Create Your Plate' type of interaction where the learner will start by dragging vegetables (whichever ones they choose) onto a hotspot (a part of the plate).

I would like to have storyline remember (store in a variable?) what they dragged to that zone and then have them do the same with starches, and then retain that information and have them choose their protein source.

My thinking is that there would be one drag/drop interaction for vegetables, another for starches and another for proteins, and that the learner would build their plate as they progress through the course.

Hopefully I'm making sense! I can clarify any questions at all,



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Kevin -- Thanks for your question! Have you already started working on your project and would like to share your file so that members of the community are able to chime in with their thoughts and suggestions? I wanted to mention also, for additional design ideas, you are welcome to post over in the Building Better Courses forum, as well. :)

Michael Shannon

Kevin. This can be as complicated as you see fit but here's a simple example using rectangles. You can use any shape or graphic as you see fit. The key for showing the learner what they chose is in creating an object with multiple states. The state that appears is directly related to the T/F variable set in the drag-n-drop.