Retaining translations in Visited state

I am creating an eLearning in 10 languages. In a drag and drop quiz I have the states Normal, Drop Correct and 1 state for each of the 9 other languages. When I copy the Normal state to create another state for another language, when dropped correctly it retains the translation in drop correct state, even though I don't have a dropped correct state for each language, e.g. the Spanish state changes to another background colour but stays in Spanish.  This does not happen in Visited state. Why not?

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Gael Christie


Your reply says "why the drop correct isn't staying even when another translation is chosen" but that is not the problem. The drop correct state retains the language. It is the Visited stated that doesn't retain the translation. I want the Visited state to retain the translation just like Drop Correct. Hope that clears it up a bit.
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Gael Christie
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