Retaking an Assement

Jan 28, 2020

Assuming you want to provide a retake or retry option, does anyone have any thoughts/research on whether it is preferably to have a learner retake an assessment in it's entirety if they fail or to retry each individual question they get wrong?

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Eric Rowland

Hello Vicky! 

This is a great question. While at the moment I cannot point to any specific research, I can say that the best approach is to consider the complete experience of the lesson/quiz. 

How many questions does this quiz have and what is the failing percentage?

Is the quiz coupled with content? I mean do they sit through content, then are they quizzed? Or are you just building a quiz for a post-lesson assessment? 

From what I can remember, people like to correct their mistakes - immediately if they have an option because feedback is essential for learning. 

If a user gets a question wrong, I would recommend they are given the option to fix their mistake and get a reminder/nugget of knowledge of why the correct answer is correct. Then allow them to move on. To go through an entire quiz, if they fail (again length is important) is almost cruel and will only leave the user frustrated. How can they expect to learn from their mistakes?  

vicky cecchin

Thank you for your feedback!

The assessments would have anywhere from 20 - 30 questions with an 85% passing score. The assessments are part of a certification program. As such the assessments could be taken without having to review content. My colleagues and I are trying to determine the best strategy for a retake and I thought I would reach out to the community to see what others think.

Steve Hazelton

Great question. I like to have short "sectional" quizzes with a 100% pass score so that they have to eventually choose the right answer to continue (which isn't hard if you click on the Review Quiz button). I tend to have them repeat all questions for new/important content where they might have gotten through some of the questions with lucky guesses to reinforce the point. For courses where most of the content is more of a review (like the dreaded "CMS says we need a course covering this and everyone has to take it"), I usually only cycle them back through what they got wrong.

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