Retaking Course

I want learners who fail a course to click a "Retake Course" button and be brought back to slide 1.  I've got the trigger in place to perform this action, but when they go through the course again, it is pre-populated with data from their first go around, such as quiz answers, text entries, etc.  Is there a way to wipe the slate clean - without exiting and re-entering the course?

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Mike McCarthy

I'm working in StoryLine 2 Update 6, and the above doesn't seem to work the way it is intended. I too have my students take a quiz after they complete the material.  When they fail, I have a button with a trigger on the results slide "Please Review the Material Again"  that takes them to a specific section in the course and requires them to go back and review the material before they attempt to take the quiz again.  Unfortunately, when they get to the first slide of the quiz on their second attempt, the quiz is locked "frozen" and no selections can be made.

I also have all slides set to "Reset to Initial state" when user revisits.  The radio buttons are now open but the user cannot make any selection. It's virtually a dead slide. 

The only work-around I've been able to come up with is to copy the "Retry Quiz" button from the results slide and paste it on the first quiz slide and instruct the student to "Click Here" to re-take the quiz.  When they "Click Here" it resets the quiz and allows them to re-take the quiz.

Is there something I'm missing here?