Retaking test will affect the LMS scoring

Jun 20, 2017

Hi Everyone, 

I have viewed a few posts regarding how LMS tracking works but I can't seem to find an answer to my particular query: 

I am creating some modules with a series of exercises with a test at the end of each exercise. Each exercise will link to its own test and each test will have a results slide. I want to allow the user the option to retake each test from this results slide if they wish.

I've also added an overall results slide which is fed by the results slide in each of the tests and will also allow the user to retry any of the tests. This overall results slide is what the LMS will look at for tracking. 

My question is will the LMS scoring still work properly if a user retries a test and this changes the overall score? I am imagining that the score will be recorded on whatever the score on the overall results slide is when the module is exited but just wanted to check with someone who knows. 



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