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Kris N

The output files are the final 'rendered-and-compressed' files, targeted for your specific platform; so you can't import these, as they don't have the 'source' information to edit things.

Where did you save the files originally? 
Have you made any changes to where the files were saved?
Are you on a public / multi-user computer or your own? 

I would start by searching for the file names, and see if that reveals their location. This could have happened by simply renaming a top-level folder; as the program remembers specific locations of where the storyline flies are kept (and if anything changes, it cannot open them up anymore). 

Let us know how you go! :) 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Apryl,

Also, could you share a screenshot of the error about "unable to open" based on what that says or how it looks it may indicate another idea for the location of your project files. You will also want to confirm that you're saving and working on local project files as detailed here, as working off a network or shared drive is known to cause odd behavior. 

I'd also agree with Kris's ideas in terms of where the files were initially saved and doing a search of your computer to try and find those original files. You're looking for the files that have the .story extension associated with them.