Retry Quiz Botton -- not "hot" all the way around, confusing users, screwing up quiz

Hi everyone! I'm hoping someone can help us out, either solving the problem or coming up with a workaround.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the buttons on the Results Page aren't entirely HOT? Like part of them will be hot, but not another part. This confuses users, they click and nothing happens, so they navigate back to the beginning of a quiz through the menu, but then are unable to click on any of the answers on the questions since the quiz hasn't been reset and then they panic, exit, they haven't passed yet so they have to come back, it takes them to the most recently viewed slide, which looks like an unanswered question, but they cant answer since the quiz hasn't been reset yet and there's no way to easily get them back to the Results slide.

Please see the attached video, I did a screen capture myself walking through the process and showing the issue.




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Ashley Schwartau

To further confuse the issue: I have tried recreating this issue with other quizzes and courses, in multiple browsers, locally, in the SCORM Cloud, in our LMS, and can not consistently do so. It seems to occur at random, which makes it even more frustrating! It might happen in one course, on one button, and even though the quizzes are all created in the same way, using the standard results slide, with the standard buttons. Often we create a "Finish" or "Exit" button that is triggered to exit the module.

Clients come to us saying the "hotspot" is "off", and the best we can do is delete and rebuild the button since there is no 'hotspot.'

Wendy Farmer

Sorry Tyler - thought I had posted this reply when I looked at your file a while ago.

I can't see why it is happening.  I tried recreating the buttons and it still happened, and I also created a new file and imported your project in and still happened. 

I've never seenthat behaviour before.  The only thing I would suggest is you add actual hotspots to the buttons and see if that helps.