Resume issue with quiz failure

Mar 05, 2018

I know this has been discussed a few times over the years but I wanted to bring it back up to see if anyone had any suggestions. We want to have the resume course option available. However, when a user fails a quiz and exits the course and re-launches it later, if they click to resume where they left off, it takes them to the results slide without the ability to retake the quiz (it becomes frozen). Most will go ahead and click the Retry Quiz button, which does reset the quiz but some use the menu to retry the quiz and get stuck. We've tried adding a reset results slide trigger to an Exit button but that doesn't reset the results slide like it does if you click the Retry Quiz button.

I'm hopeful that someone will have a suggestion.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lu, sorry your learners are running into this problem! I'd like to first make sure I'm understanding what's going on.

It sounds like your learners complete the quiz and exit the course on the Results Slide. Then, they resume the course on the Results Slide and click the Retry Quiz button. When they click the button, the course is stuck and will not go back to question 1. Is that correct?

If so, what version of Storyline are you using? Does the same problem happen when you test the course in SCORM Cloud?

Mike Mohr

HI Alyssa, I see this a couple months old and there wasn't a follow up. I'm in the same boat. A person takes the quiz and fails then exits the course. Upon re-enetering, they are at the results slide. If they want to take the quiz again, they use menu to navigate to the beginning. When they do this, a trigger rests the results slide. Everything is reset but the quiz slides are frozen and they can't do anything.  The first question is a drag and drop but you can't drag or drop anything.  Am I missing a trigger to allow them to retake the quiz when they re-enter the eLearning? This is running on SABA and we have SL2 and have published in SCORM 1.2

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mike,

Looks like Lu reached out to our support team after all, so I do have some additional information to share with you here and it sounds like it would fit with your description perfectly.

Lu was running into an issue with the course exceeding the suspend data limits. You can check out our article here to see if that may be what you are running into as well. Does SABA support SCORM 2004?

If you need us to take a look, you're welcome to share the .story file. 

Lu Post

Our courses are made available to clients with varying LMSs and this issue is a problem in almost every one of them. This is especially prevalent in longer courses or those that have many interactions, where the suspend data fills quickly. It would be very helpful to have a reset button on the fail layer that clears this suspend data or truly resets the quiz. I've tried to add a reset quiz button manually, but it doesn't work. Is this something that Articulate can evaluate? It causes quite a few support tickets for us and our partner clients. Our goal is to make our courses shorter but we want to keep the interactivity.

Crystal Horn

Hi Lu!  Thanks for coming back in with an update.  I can definitely share your thoughts with our product team.  I think our brains were headed in the same direction, but resetting the quiz in a way that works for you currently would mean always starting the course over, rather than just the quiz.  That sounds like the reasoning behind you wanting to see "resume" at slide level.

I'm not sure if you've also considered making the quiz and the instructional content separate items in the LMS.  I understand if that doesn't work with your design, but I thought I'd throw it out there!

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