Retry quiz button does not appear

Hello Community

I have a graded quiz at the end of a course and added a Results slide.  I have done this many times previously and the Retry button would automatically get included.  For the attached lesson, this did not happen and I couldn't manually add it (or any of the other quiz buttons) from the Results Slide - Design tab.  I deleted the original Results slide that I created and added one again, all with the same result. 

Can someone please have a look at let me know how I can resolve this.  I'm using SL3.

Thank you

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Linda Hummel

Yes, Alyssa, this was helpful.  I don't know why the crosshairs didn't appear the first couple of times I tried.

Do you know why I had to manually add it?  Any results slides I have added in the past included the Retry button automatically, along with options for the # of attempts to try the quiz.