Retry quiz - feedback layers showing

Hello all, 

I have a course with chapter assessments (one of which has question pooling) and I have enabled "re-try quiz". When the learner goes to the chapter assessment for the 2nd time the quiz isnt reset and shows the feedback from the 1st attempt?

Do I need to change each quiz question slide to "Reset to initial state"?

Thanks, Louise

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Michael Crouch

Hello Louise,

Looking at this you need to add function to reset the results of the test.

For example, I tested the 3rd section, when I failed at the end it recommended I retake the test, but there is no function to reset the results from here.

I have attached screen shot of what you should be adding to the Next button.

So when the user selects to proceed from the Next button, it is resetting the results.

I hope this answers your query?