Retry Quiz in Storyline 360

I have ready many old threads on this but none seem to answer my question. I have a quiz set up with 10 randomly selected questions from a question bank. I have a results slide with a retry button and a review button. The triggers I have on the Retry button are:


When I fail the quiz and attempt to retry, it lets me retry one question and then says the target slide isn't available in preview (I am in preview whole project).

As a 2nd question, is there a way to show your answer vs correct answer when user reviews incorrect questions?

Thanks for your help!


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Stella

the triggers look right so I'm not sure why it's not progressing.  I even tried changing the number of questions from the draw to see if that made a difference.  

I would log a support ticket with Articulate and get them to take a look at your sorry I couldn't be more help.