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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Melissa,

Thanks again for your patience while we've looked into this - and we're still investigating, but I wanted to tell you the things we tested and found so far - in hopes that it sparks something in your mind (or ours writing it all out). 

We've looked at rebuilding the results slide - and the individual retry button. Both of those proved unsuccessful. We also tested importing into a new project file, and two times received an error message upon doing so about the variable values for the Results not matching and causing an issue (the other times it imported and still the odd behavior). My colleague also noted that the "review" button also wasn't working when she tested that set up. 

I looked at setting up a brand new, very simple file with a question bank and a results slide - and that one worked normally. I was able to include the button only on the failure layer or look at hiding it on the success layer and let the triggers reside on the base layer. 

So we're going to give it a fresh look again and hope to have some additional information to share with you tomorrow. :)

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Melissa!

One of my colleagues was able to take a look and get your file back to good.

You can take a look at the published output here:


The navigation was changed a tad on the slide before the quiz, just to prevent having to jump to all the other slides for testing.

Your updated file is attached as well.

It seems that there was corruption perhaps that was resolved by importing the scene into a new file, adding a new results slide, then re-importing back into your file.

The retry quiz option is marked on the results slide as well.

Melissa Morrison

So I have noticed in this that the scene order was completely redone. Why?

Additionally, why are slides missing and the Retry button was only on the failure layer, which is Not the case in this, why?

If I have rechange all this, back to what it was, that is a lot work I have to redo, without still understanding what the issue was.

Leslie McKerchie

I'm not sure that we were able to identify what caused the original issue with your file, that's why I assume it may have been corruption.

The difference perhaps being that the retry was checked in the results slide options and a hidden state was used, which allowed it to appear only on the failure layer.

As I mentioned above, we removed some jump to triggers to assist in testing. The hidden state starts for the Retry button and only returns to Normal on the Failure layer.

Have you looked at the preview of the course?

You can import this results slide back into your original file to prevent additional work if you'd like.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Melissa!

Sorry to hear that you still had difficulty with this. I had a support engineer take a look and she was able to import your scene into a new file, create a new results slide, then re-import into your file.

The updated file is attached. Take a look, and if it meets your needs - you will need to turn your seekbar back to read-only and restrict the menu navigation again - as we remove these for testing.

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