Retrying Quiz Fail

Hello all,

I'll just get into it, what I want to happen:

Go through the induction - if the user fails - they do it again.

I want the user to go through the quiz questions again, without having to go through half the presentation to complete the retry.

I separated the quiz questions into another scene so that when the user retries, all they are doing is the quiz .

The issue I am having - I can't seem to direct the user to just the quiz (scene 2 or 3), even though I have put a trigger in there to say when the person retries, jump to slide 2.1 or slide 3.1. I created scene 3 thinking that because of the connection between 1 and 2, it made this issue occur, but it doesn't seem to matter.

I'm sure the answer is simple, but I can't see it. Can anyone please help?

Thank you,


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Pierre Jouan


I stripped down your file so I could publish and test easily.

- I moved branching from question to feedback layers so that you get feedback before the jump

- I added a variable "quizOnly" that prevent branching to presentation once quiz has been completed

Let me know...