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Hi everyone. I am trying to create a customized course (without using the default player with the Prev and Next buttons). There are 3 modules. I also have sub-modules (sections) within each module. The learner has to complete each module by navigating through all the contents within it. When each module or section is visited, they are marked as "complete". If the learner is in Module 1 and just  completed the sub-modules within it, how do I  create and set the trigger to let the learner return to the main module page. I've tried "jump to slide" when all states are completed. That did not work. It keeps going back to the current slide. Mind you, that slide has several layers. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Hank,

Thanks for sharing your file here. I see that you've set up these "completion" states to be triggered based on the timeline starting - and a variable being true. But I don't see where that variable is being adjusted? I suspect it's referring to visiting those layers or sections of slide 1.3 - but there were not any triggers to adjust the variable on those slides. Also, using the when timeline starts as the trigger element will not work on this slide, as they're staying on the slide and only viewing layers - so the trigger won't ever execute as the slide is not "restarting" with the timeline. Even if they were revisiting the slide, it wouldn't restart based on your slide properties to "resume saved state" meaning the timeline picks up where the user left off. 

I looked at modifying it a bit - but since I'm unsure how you'd like the user to navigate away from the layers I wasn't sure how to adjust when it should jump back to slide 1.1 - as currently it's set up to do so once all the elements are completed...which if you did that on the base slide based on clicking alone, they likely wouldn't see the last layer. I did make some adjustments to slide 1.3 and the complete triggers to help show the path I was going down in terms of when and how to adjust that. 

Hank Wilhite

Thanks Ashley for taking time to help me with this. I am not sure what you meant  "variable is being adjusted."  I have variables in slides 1.1 and 1.3 and not sure if I need them or not. What I would like is for the user to navigate through each module (I have three). In each module,  I have other sub-modules such as that in slide 1.3. After, viewing those 4 modules in slide 1.3, I would like to direct the user to slide 1.1 to complete the rest of the modules (Module 2 and 3).  Any help will be greatly appreciated as I've spent too much time on this already :-) Thank you.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Hank

similar to Ashley's question 'variable being adjusted' same as my question to you above

Can you see that the T/F variables are triggering when they are supposed to?

For instance, you have a T/F variable called Mod1Comp - it is default is False.

First thing you do is say when do I want to change Mod1Comp from false to true -might be the last slide of Mod 1 when the timeline starts on that slide.

Second thing - what do I want to do now that Mod1Comp is = true. Might be jump to slide next slide when user clicks a button IF Mod1Comp = true.

I tried opening your story file but couldn't - I'll try downloading Ashley's updated one now and see if I can help you.


Hank Wilhite

Hi Wendy,


I fixed the timeline in the file and reuploaded so it will be easier to view and edit. Please help. I do not think that I need those variables that I created. They were used to mark those modules as 'complete'.  I used Ashley's method and it seems to work without those variables.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Hank

I added a custom next button to slide 1.3 so we could navigate back to 1.1 - you said you weren't using the default player nav buttons but I couldn't see how to get back otherwise. The Next button is hidden until the four layers have been visited. I also deleted a lot of the triggers as SL knows what to do when a button is hovered or visited.  If you want you can disable Patient Education, Treatment Plan etc until the previous button has been clicked if you want them done in an order.

See if the attached works for you.

Also you'll need to check the completed states for your Modules on 1.1 some look out of alignment.

Hank Wilhite

Hi Ashley and Wendy, your suggestions and examples were helpful. Wendy's fix works indeed. However, what I wanted was to take the learner back directly to the main module without having any additional click. After reading both of your comments about using variables and triggers, I was able to create a workaround and it works perfectly. Thanks to you two, the aha moment finally came to me :-) I currently do not have the .story file available to share but will upload it soon. I just wanted to give back to the community and just in case someone runs into similar situation in the future. Thanks again for your help.