Reuse Screencast in a new project

Dec 04, 2017

I have a *very* large screen recording that was inserted as a single slide.  I would like to re-use it as step-by-step slides.  If I do this in the existing project, Storyline will hang.  I'm not sure if I can re-use it as step-by-step slides in a new project.  Does anyone have any ideas?  I'm using SL3.

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Linda Hummel

Thank you for your help, Alyssa.  I am working from my local hard drive and after several attempts, I could re-use the recording with step-by-step slides, but it only captured the screen movement from one small portion (it is only showing the steps on 1 of many tasks in the original recording).   I am wondering if the original recording got corrupted or truncated somehow.

The info is confidential, so unfortunately, I can't share it.

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