Reverting to earlier version of file.

Has anyone experienced Storyline reverting back to an earlier iteration - even though saved to C:Drive?  We've also experienced spontaneous and random formatting changes back to the default settings.  Initially we thought this was because we worked on a network, but even versions saved to C have corrupted.  We've also experienced that a file published to 360 for review has shown up differently to different viewers - from the same link.  Any help will be appreciated.

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Matthew Bibby

No. Never. 

There is a bug that is resulting in certain settings not being remembered correctly (see here for details), but I've never seen anything like what you've mentioned.

Well... actually... once I did.

But that's because I had accidentally opened a course from my backup drive rather than my main drive and made changes to that. The worse part was, I didn't notice until weeks later when I couldn't figure out what had happened to those changes I was certain I had made! 

Josephine Casey

Thanks Matthew.  If this was just happening to me I'd be thinking I was messing up somewhere, but it's happening to the OCD members in the team, and they watch for everything!

We're now stressing with everything we send for review / signoff in case we get the unexpected 'revisions' occurring.  Keeps us on our toes though.

Julie  Haydon

YES!! we are having exactly that problem - two developers two PCs 2 different licences.

Not had the review issue but we are having problems when we have made revision to a file saved and the experienced them reverting back to some times several versions past, very odd and VERY annoying.

Have updated today to latest version and will monitor but if this continues we will be logging a support email too :(

Josephine Casey

discrepancy in viewsSame here.  We have to be careful that only the developer is opening the file, and anyone else who needs to make updates does on a copied version (not save as) - which then becomes the new version.  Not sure whether previous 'save as' operations have caused problems. 

Just saw another problem: published version had a spacing fault but project was okay.

Matthew Bibby

Just thinking of other silly things that I've done in the past that could explain this.

The letter A is very close to the letter Z on the keyboard. 

On occasions, I've intended to hit Ctrl + A and have pressed Ctrl + Z instead. 

And then thought to myself "why didn't Ctrl + A work?"

I know this probably isn't the issue here... but I don't want there to be a bug that means stuff is randomly undoing itself. That'd be really annoying. We don't need more things to worry about!

It'll be great if someone could share a more detailed example of when this problem has occurred. What kind of changes are being undone? Maybe someone could run screen capture software for an hour or so and try and capture this occurring? Does it happen between saves? Or after you close the project and reopen it?

I've noticed that since build 3.13 Storyline hasn't been noticing certain things. For example:

  • create a new file
  • add a text variable
  • add a trigger to a slide that changes that variable to something else when the timeline starts
  • save and close
  • reopen the file
  • change the variable (in either the trigger panel or the variable window)
  • note that SL doesn't recognise the unsaved changes (no * next to file name) and if you close the window you won't be asked to save.

@Josephine, that text issue is something that happens from time to time. It's been an issue since SL1. If you enable Modern Text it will resolve that, however if you are going to turn that on in an existing project, please be aware that you'll likely have to reposition some text as a result. 

Diarmaid Collins

I just want to chime in with a similar issue.

I have noticed that occasionally, when doing something with my old-ish version of Storyline (v 3.9.13567.0), like say, applying text edits, or formatting a shape, or even positioning an element within a slide, the edit I had just performed a moment ago has not been applied.

Like, it was there, done, saw it on screen, looked away and when I turn back the edit has been 'undone' or, spookily, like it... never... had been done!

There is no 'redo' option in case one accidentally hit CTRL-Z. It just... isn't there.

It's not identical to the above issues in that it happens 'live', not when saved, at least as far as I can recall.

This has happened quite a few times, randomly over the last few weeks to make me nervous enough to double check every edit I have been tasked to do. It is time consuming and making me paranoid. The only solution seems to be to stare intently at the screen and never, ever, look away.

Matthew Bibby
Diarmaid Collins

The only solution seems to be to stare intently at the screen and never, ever, look away

Of course you should never be looking away Diarmaid. What kind of developer are you? 🤓 (Btw - for those playing along at home, Diarmaid and I are mates, so I get to stir him up).

Thanks for coming and mentioning this here. What do you mean by there is no 'redo' option? That seems to work for me in most cases.

There are a couple of weird things that it doesn't work for (same with the undo function, for example, adding items to a button set) but for stuff like editing text, positioning elements etc. the redo functionality tends to works in a mostly predictable way.

That being said, undo and redo could definitely be improved. For example, I'd love it if there was no limit to what Storyline can undo. I've been caught out in the past when repositioning objects, I've gone to under a change, hit Ctrl+Z a bunch of times only to run out of things I can undo before the objects are back to where they started from.

In this day and age, there is no reason why undo should be limited in that way. I should be able to Ctrl+Z my way back through every single change I've made since I opened a file and then Ctrl+Y my way back to where I was. It would keep me entertained for hours!!

Diarmaid Collins

Hi Matt. I have absolutely no idea who you are or why you keep harassing me online! :P

About the Undo button, what I meant was that whenever I have noticed that the edit, for example, wasn't there on screen after taking a sip of my hard-earned early morning whisky, I thought that maybe I had accidentally hit Ctrl+Z (Undo) only to find that the Redo arrow is greyed out, illustrating that nothing had happened!

Nothing, man! Don't you understand? It's like it wasn't even there man!

Matthew Bibby
Diarmaid Collins

About the Undo button, what I meant was that whenever I have noticed that the edit, for example, wasn't there on screen after taking a sip of my hard-earned early morning whisky, I thought that maybe I had accidentally hit Ctrl+Z (Undo) only to find that the Redo arrow is greyed out, illustrating that nothing had happened!

That's really strange. So you'll make an edit... look away... only to find that the edit has undone itself? I'm assuming it's just the one early morning whisky you are having?

But in all seriousness... we shouldn't joke about whisky... and you should run some screen capture software for a while. At least for your own sanity, so you know for sure that you did actually make the edit! Because I'd seriously be doubting myself if this was happening to me.

Jackie Waskewicz

Hi Leslie,

Has there been anything found related to this issue?

I have a team of designers with 4-5 saying they are finding this while 6-10 others have never seen the issue. Those who are finding the issue have now started to try and take screen shots to document edits that were done vs. finished products looking like the work was not completed. They've reported text edits changing/reverting, Alt text changing/reverting, colors changing on their own, etc. 

I'm curious to see if teams have noticed any correlation with file size, with courses with a lot of images and content vs. some that is not, etc.

All of our courses are 508 compliant so we need to see if we can find why updated Alt Text is changing on it's own with seemingly erratic timing. 

Crystal Horn

Hey everybody. I'm excited to let you know that we just released update 19 for Storyline 360! It includes new features and fixes - check them all out here.

One of the fixes addresses an issue where files were reverting to old content after previewing or when re-opening the file.

Here’s how you can update Storyline 360 to take advantage of everything the latest release has to offer. Let me know how you make out!

Helene Federici

Hi, I just saved a file with a new name, using "save as" and it reverted to an older version of the file. I knew this was happening, but I couldn't prove it until now.

My June_12.story file has the changes but when I saved it as June_14.story, the changes reverted. I panicked, then looked at the June_12.story file and the changes were all there.