Review Quiz not showing all questions drawn from a bank

I have a 6 question quiz implemented with 3 different question banks (each dedicated to a particular subject).

The six questions are implemented with 3 separate draw from bank - each of these draws 2 questions (from a larger number of questions in the bank.  There is a single Result slide that includes the 3 draw slides.  When I run the quiz the drawing aspect works fine, I see 6 questions and the result scores those 6 questions.

Problem: when I try to use the Review Quiz button on the result slide it only displays the first question for each draw slide.  When I click next it moves to the next draw slide and show the first question there.

Is there any parameter to set that will casue the Review Quiz to display all of the questions that were selected by the Draw from Bank slide?

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Jim Sweezie

I solved my "problem" in that I had created it in the first place.  I had added a feature that let the learner flag questions they might want to go back and review before having the quiz scored.  I forgot to ensure that feature was turned off before the Review Quiz was used so it only saw those questioned flagged by the learner and it just happened that the Correct / Incorrect banner on the question covered the flagged indicator so I didn't pick up on it right away.