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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jo,

When you say it doesn't include anything but the first scene, what happens after you review that element? Are you brought back to the results slide or where does the course continue to go? The review will bring you back to the quiz slides and then through any content after that - so if you need to only allow the user to see the quiz questions, you may want to use the method described here by super hero Rebecca.

Jo Cottingham

Thanks Ashley,

The quiz review just ends at the end of the first scene and stops. I have tried the method you sent me the link too but as soon as I untick the 'next' button once I've added the new trigger the course refuses to move on in normal mode, i.e. it stops at the first slide because there is no 'next' trigger.

Do you have any other ideas?



Kevin Dixon

I always thought review quiz only worked for the quiz inside of the scene the results slide was in. I always put a review at the end of each quiz. I don't know if you put a results slide at the end of each quiz and then a filial scene with nothing but a results slide that all the other results slides report to and put your review button on the last one if that would work or not, Yes I know that was hard to follow even for me and I wrote it, so I'll try and break it down.

Scene 1 quiz with results slide don't really have to show anything you can have everything report in the background and cover the top with what ever.

Scene 2 quiz with results slide same thing here.

last scene results slide that gets info from scene one and two or what ever you need. With a review quiz button should take you to only the quiz questions from reporting results slides.