Review Slides After Results

I am working on a course where I have a quiz at the end and a results slide.  I want users to be able to review the quiz after their results however it is not displaying how I want it to.  There is extra text on the screen and the pop up feedback slide is showing in the middle of the screen (see attachment).  Any advice on how to edit these slides?

Thank you! 

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Dina Tsuda

Thank you Michael!  If I look at the feedback slides I don't see a default template for the review quiz slides.  I figured out how to remove my feedback boxes from the review quiz slides.  However, for Question 1, when it shows the correct answer it is so small.  Not sure how I can edit this.  I have attached a sample file so you can see it.  Any advice you can share would be great!  Thank you!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Dina! Thanks for sharing your file with me.

It sounds like you already sorted out how to remove the Correct/Incorrect feedback layers from the slides during quiz review, so great work there! For anyone else who runs across this in the future, just be sure your Correct/Incorrect feedback layers have this trigger as the top trigger: Hide layer This layer when the user clicks the Continue button.

In regards to the extra text on Question 1, that's the correct answer that appears since you've enabled "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing" on the Results Slide Properties. I made a few adjustments to the slide that fixed the overall layout:

  • Decreased the text entry box dimensions
  • Decreased the text entry box font size
  • Removed the all caps answer choice (since your answer isn't case sensitive)

Voila! Here's the finished product:

I made those changes to slide 2.1 in your file--have a look at the attachment!