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ratna kuplish

I am using SL 2 and drawing 10 questions from a bank of 20.
When I review I see the first question in the bank with the correct /
incorrect response and there is a submit button on the bottom right which
appears to be greyed out, I do not see a next button or anything which les
me advance to the next slide -
I have tried pressing page down key or enter - nothing happens

Rosalyn McNeill

Hello Ashley

I'm having the same issue.  I'm using one SL 2.  I have one question bank of 79 which pulls 25.  When I go to review the quiz it only shows the first question then the "next" button goes back to the result slide. 

I did a test.   It seems when it gets to the 2nd incorrect slide it jumps back to the review slide.  I do have show correct/ incorrect

Another issues is I'm using a count on each slide to let the user know what slide they are on but it also shows up in the review slide.  Is there a way to turn this off on the result slide?

thank in advane

asim husain

Hi Leslie,


I want to edit and align my quiz feedback which is showing (see below image) not aligned. I also want to change the color once the user review this slide. On the left side my content will show, i don't have any other option to replace my fill in the blank box.

Can you suggest how to change the font color and how to proper aligned the text? also can i move this text to any other place?


Fill in the Blank Review Slide Page