revisited slides and the next button

I have created a scenario that allows users to make choices and then compare those choices to the expected results on a results slide. Further, I set it up so they can return and remake different choices to improve thier "score".

The Problem:

When tthey return they can make the choices again but the next button will not advance to the results slide for thier new "Score"

I need them to be able to retake this little "quiz" until they get a score they can live with.

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Michael  Rice

It is too large for that. I am not using a quiz.

Let me see if I can explain:

Slide one multiple selection  of items( pictures) The teims are numbered 12345

USER selects 135 this slide toggles the state using variables True and false

Slide Two - Multiple choice the items are named ABC The user can select only one

USER selects A - this slide toggles the state using other variables - True and false

When the user clicks Next, a series trigger is set to evaluate the state to f the variables and jumpt to a static slide that contains items chosen and a chart that shows thier worth based on static outside information. These results slides were created manually for every possible combination. in this case the slide that contains 135A is the destination

The problem: On these results slides there is a retry button that takes the user back to slide one and allows them to change thier answers to get a better score.

I have used the Next button for navigation forward and an onscreen button for the retry.

It works for as many as two times, but eventually the next button no longer runs the triggers and will not move forward to a results slide.